Bathroom tiling

The upstairs bathroom got some attention today as I focused on the tiling of the walls. The wall over the tub will be finished tomorrow.


The “tiles” are actually photo paper cut into 1″squares using my little guillotine and gluing each tile to scrapbook paper already glued to the wall.


Getting even spaces to appear like grout around each tile was the most tedious task next to cutting tiles for the small spaces. This was the same technique used for the floor which I explained in an earlier post.


Another neat feature I added was the pipe under the sink. That is actually polymer clay. First I rolled a piece into a long log, bent into the shape seen and then baked it for exactly three minutes (any longer and it would burn) in my specially designated toaster oven for clay baking. Then rolled two balls of clay and flattened them into discs and glued one end to the piece of pipe under the sink and the other to the end of pipe attaching to wall. Finally very carefully I took a silver metallic pen to give it a ‘silver’ finish.

What next is to be done you may wonder? Skirting, towel rack installation, maybe a shelf, plumbing features behind the toilet, the list is endless…

My other project today was putting in the side wall to the nearby bedroom and testing out a small window treatment.


Not sure about the mesh for the curtain as it looks a bit flimsy. Still lots more work to be done in this room.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂