Diner progress

Finally got two hours to spare today and directed my attention on the Coca Cola Diner. From the previous post you would have seen the windows were cut out, however the exterior of the building was bare and the thumbtacks which secured the wall to the building were exposed. Using spray on adhesive, a cloth with a red brick pattern was glued on to the exterior( with thumbtacks still in wall). The challenge with this cloth was trying to keep the bricks straight across. Anywhere there is a slight deviation I plan to place a prop so it is not too obvious. After the adhesive was left to dry for a while, the holes for the windows were cut out with a slight edge on each side, so they could be folded in and glued onto the other side to give a clean finish.



To fill the windows with “glass” I used transparency paper and printed a graphic of the Coca Cola logo in a .gif format (transparent around letters) in the center then glued the printed transparencies in place. The Final step will be to put in window frames both inside and outside, but I left that for another time. Now here are pictures of the walls in place, you will also notice that the sidewalk has been painted. I think it’s a bit too dark, so will tone it down to a grey colour.