Little improvements here and there

Elaborated a bit on the bookcase in apartment 1 by adding a third shelf and side pieces to give it a modern flair. The wood pieces were from one of those assorted balsa wood packs, already the correct width and thickness, just requiring a quick cut off the length in my miter box. When I locate some black Chinese lacquer or something similar, it will be painted.


Next I did a quick assembly of the post office. Top pieces will need another coat of white paint as I am still seeing some pink. Also signage will be added here and there. Blue sections are card stock paper folded in the original configuration as the former pieces of cardboard that came in the set (Barbie Post Office Playset). One difference is that I increased the height of each to be the appropriate height for the average 1:6 scale doll. In the background of the last post office picture is the repainted laundromat. Separating wall between the two sections will be one of the final installations.



Last area I tinkered with today was the diner. Checkered adhesive contact paper was used as the flooring.

Two boxes in the front are the table tops for the two booths I plan to build. They are actually old metal CD cases that used to come in the mail for installation of web browsers etc. I painted the sides black and laid the granite adhesive contact paper on the top.
Here is the diner from the side.

And finally a quick sketch on the picture above, illustrating what I have in mind for this side of the diner exterior.


Happy Holidays!!

Furnishing of 1st apartment begins

The third floor apartment is almost complete, so I decided to put in a few furnishings and accessories. The wall separating the kitchen from the sitting room remains, curtains in both windows, mounting of picture frames on wall and placement of a few more knickknacks here and there. Also the kitchen has been rearranged.


Due to limited space in this small but cozy apartment the television was mounted to the ceiling.

Then some work was done in the bathroom behind the wall.

The floor tiles are actually photo paper cut in squares and glued to the floor which got a thin coat of white paint to imitate grout between the tiles.

Then the finished bathroom floor with walls replaced.

A cabinet pull was used as the towel rack. Door frame will be painted white and door still has to be finished. The mirror was bought years ago from a craft store and it was mounted along with the sink using hot glue.


Back to apartments

While some additional pieces for the mini market dry after painting, I decided to work on one of the apartment kitchens. I’ve finally decided to use one of my Kenmore kitchens here. They are a tad short for the dolls so I will be raising them with stacks of scrap foam board as seen in the picture below.


Gift paper was used for the back wall and contact adhesive paper for the floor. I decided to put in a small counter by the window, so the dolls can have a view while prepping a dish, or sit and have a meal.



The counter will be wrapped with the contact adhesive paper I used for the backsplash of the kitchen.

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Re-painting begins

It’s Monday and I’m on vacation for the next month or so. As a result it’s full speed ahead with this extensive diorama project. Bright and early this morning I started off spray painting the main pieces the first coat of grey. The minute they seemed dry I gathered them up for a quick arrangement into the area with its new wood flooring (contact paper).

View of Mini Market-Repainted

The white frame on the ground is to hoist the next Re-ment display cabinet to a height more accommodating for the dolls. Shopping carts will be repainted

The white frame on the ground is to hoist the next Re-ment display cabinet to a height more accommodating for the dolls. Shopping carts will be repainted.

Mini Market

This red and white canvas cloth will be used on the awning roofs over the produce section on the left.

Cloth for awning

Another coat will be applied tomorrow and then the surrounding walls will be measured and cut. Next will be creation of signage.

My next little project for the day included painting the small cantilever roofs that will be placed over the doorways to the businesses (Post Office, Laundromat & Boutique) in the next building. The pink roof took the orange acrylic paint best, but the blue roofs as you see below will be more of a challenge. The final coat for these pieces will tone down the brightness and give them an aged look like real clay tiles here in the Caribbean.

Imitating Clay Roofs

Finally, as I wasn’t quite in the mood to tackle the flooring of the apartments (hot, humid day here), I decided to make some power outlets and switches. First I went to my old favorite site¬†¬†, clicked on “Playscale (1:6)”, scrolled down to “Furniture and Appliances” to the left and clicked on “Light Switch Plates” and then copied the picture several times on a Word document file (I’m going to need a lot) and then hit print. This is the picture I copied several times:


Each piece was then carefully cut out, excluding the black frame and then glued on white Craft foam (psst, don’t tell my daughter it’s actually hers, lol!)


Then I cut each one out and voila, they are ready to be glued into place around the apartments. You may be asking why use the craft foam? Well it gives the outlets and switches this 3-dimensional effect when applied to walls.



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