Odds and Ends

Various items were tackled today. First I applied Goo Gone to the stickers on the pieces in the mini market, laundromat and post office. It worked beautifully, once you soak the stickers through leave them for about 10 minutes and then they slide right off leaving no residue. Each piece was then washed with soapy water and left to dry. I took a few pieces to test out a brand of spray paint and will check it tomorrow for the outcome.

Next the bathroom walls for the third level bathroom, were sized then cut. Finally decorative adhesive lining was applied as seen in the pictures below. The door was mistakenly covered, but that can be easily fixed. Next to do the trim, maybe a shelf here and there, the back wall, lighting, and other additions to achieve the “real” effect.





After my wallpapering efforts, my Re-ment food stuffs were taken out to start sorting what will be “sold” in the mini market. A huge mess was created so to give you an idea of minis, here are a few old pictures:




Fortunately there are a good bit of duplicates, so the shelves will be well stocked. Planning to change some of the labels to suit.
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Shop fronts progressing

The door ways for the three shops downstairs have been created. After this tedious task I’m convinced a rotary cutter is not the best to cut foam board, so cutting will cease until I get a replacement. During that time I will start doing the floors. Here are a few photos to show my progress:







The display windows were from a Liv doll play set. Dolls shown are a mixture of FR, Homme, Barbie, Ken and Stacie.

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Windows are in!

It’s great to have this overwhelming sense of accomplishment. That’s how I felt today when I fit the shutter windows in place. Many years ago I came across this window shutter picture frame and luckily there were two, one white one navy blue. I sprayed the blue to white, but this was still insufficient so I got my local carpenter to make four more. They still have to be sanded and painted.


My future tenants were so excited with the progress they went to test them out. Windows are perfect height for either FR, Poppy or Homme.






As a reminder this is a work in progress, the thumbtacks are temporary and the exterior walls will be covered.

For the ground floor shops I began to put in the walls for the post office. The little cantilever roofs I pulled off old Barbie bake shops and they will be repainted and a sign inserted in the center. Have not decided whether I will be putting doors under these small roofs or leaving it empty and making rolling pull down doors for after hours.

Here are some shots from the other side of the wall.





Of course the wooden frame of the windows seen in the interior will be covered with wallpaper.

Hope you enjoyed this update as much as I did. See you soon!

Office space

If you remember from an earlier post I mentioned I am also working on a four room office structure along side the two three storey buildings. Each of the four rooms are 2 feet by 2 two feet and I have decided to use two of this rooms as executive offices, one box as a copy room and the fourth as the office kitchen. One of the executive rooms were wallpapered today and a solid black floor put in place. Another strip of paper still has to be added to the top. Can you identify what I used as the wallpaper?



Only two sides of this room as shown, will be papered, while the other two walls will be removable and given a frosted glass look. The paper stops right by the hinged door. The door has to be painted and molding strips added.






Where in my diorama room would you like to see next? Make a request and I’ll focus on it in my next post.

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Rotation around dioramas

There is so much going on in my doll room it’s hard to focus on one area. Today I gave the Mini Market a rest and started measurements for the exterior walls of Section A building.

The walls are foam board and held in place with thumbtacks. For now the plastic types are being used, but they will be changed to the steel flat types when I am closer to completion. Why not something more permanent, like nails? Well in photographing my photo stories I am aiming for 360 degree views of a room, so all walls should be easy to remove and to replace.
The spaces for the windows will be cut after all the walls have been positioned. Not sure if the walls will be painted, textured or covered with a patterned paper.


Stay tuned, another update will be posted before you know it.

Mini Market

Well, I’m back from the convention (pictures on my flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/32312740@N06/sets/72157637409559566/) and I’m so excited to continue my work on the City Circlez street.

Before walls can be cut I have to lay out the pieces for each room. So this week I focused on the mini market. I really wanted to do a full supermarket, but that would require way more space than what I have available, so I pulled the pieces that best fit into the area and created this layout:



Everything will be repainted, the question is what colour scheme would be best. The checkout counters are spaced apart just enough for a shopping trolley to pass through and enough space left in front for a small line of customers to be formed. The space where I cleared to take the picture through will have a small counter served by a clerk. Trying to decide whether it will be a meat counter, cheese counter or seafood counter, or a mixture of all three. The problem is I have too much stuff!! lol!

Anyway thanks for viewing and be sure to check out the new page on Tutorials.