Office spaces

I took a break from the apartment furnishing and moved over to create some office spaces. Do you remember this structure with the four rooms?

Stand Alone Office Structure

Stand Alone Office Structure

Well it is now completely filled. The first quadrant went to the hospital room, the second was used for the Modeling Agency reception area.

15540999141_5f0ddcd1ed_k 15572552497_e9670e4ae5_h

Now the third quadrant is the Design Studio.


Gathered up lots of knick knacks including those from the previous studio diorama I built and voila!! The table and shelving units came from TnT things on Flickr. Miniatures are a mixture of Barbie stuff, Fashion Royalty and Re-ment.

Here are a few quick shots with the a few modifications and the dolls standing in to test the space.





The final quadrant went to another office space.

2015-02-24 21.54.39

Empty space with only door painted


2015-02-24 21.57.24

Collecting items to fill diorama



Wallpaper is up and time for a quick play time

2015-02-23 21.59.20

Sorry it’s a bit dark, these were fast shots taken with phone.

Aerial view

Aerial view

Lots more needs to be added to this office, so stay tuned…

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)

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Diorama Day

It’s a public holiday here today, so I took some time for me and spent it in my doll room. :):):)

First diorama I created was inspired by the tag game titled “Gotcha!” The description is as follows: Caught your doll in a compromising situation! What do your dolls secretly when they believe that no one is watching?” Took me a while to figure out what to do with this one, but one day a couple of weeks ago it hit me and only today I got time to put it together. Apologies to the faint-hearted.

The male doll is Kieron Morel from the 2014 Color Infusion collection by Integrity Toys. The two females diving for gold will remain nameless.



The next diorama was also inspired by a tag game on Flickr called “Dolls and Pets”. The description was: “Take a picture of your dolls and their pets”


This was quite a task to complete. First I had to dig up my dogs from all over the doll room. Then try to brush out their fur and brush it to the left to give the illusion of wind swooshing past. As you can see that was not completely accomplished. Next make leashes for all the dogs with various colours of ribbon at different lengths.

Dogs were then positioned and the dog walker was dressed and placed on a doll stand that can go up her pants, so it wouldn’t be visible in the photo, then lean her forward and have her hold the leashes and pray she doesn’t really get pulled forward. Ha!! She fell like ten times, so I put a bit of a glue dot under the doll stand, but that didn’t work so she ended up slightly leaning on the supermarket door. The poor pedestrian (Touch of Frost Eugenia) was next positioned and of course she wouldn’t stay, so I placed a thumbtack under and through her skirt and through the wall behind (cardboard), and that worked!

Of course as this is my blog where all my secrets are revealed, I’ll admit that PhotoShop was used. To fix the expressions on both dolls and to rub out the base of the doll stand holding up the dog walker (Color Infusion 2013 Subject B).

Next picture was really taken to test out a new light I got and to take a better picture of my post office.


The post office is complete. The set of mail boxes to the right is just a picture I copied over and over and printed on cardstock paper and glued to the wall. Not sure if I like it looking so flat, so may redo it and give it a thickness. The most tedious thing about this project was numbering each and every post box. Yup ever box to the left, on the structure behind the dolls and the wall outside the post office on the sidewalk has it’s own specific number. I got a lot of residents in this city and not everyone has home delivery of mail .LOL!

Here are a few more pictures taken earlier this month.

16054840118_04475d66d1_k 16216465266_b1e04527fd_k 15622498993_0e280cd8aa_k

I promise to take better pictures next time. It was a really overcast day when I took these shots.

Last diorama is a work in progress. The laundromat!

15844269674_85e88e68fd_k 16279353420_66151d3d16_k


Walls are still not complete and need some pictures. After that its the storefront with the window etc. to finish.

I love building dioramas!!

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Contemporary Bathroom Shower

The materials required for this project were narrow Popsicle sticks, balsa wood, a wood grain pen, craft clippers and glue.


First step was to lay out the outer frame of the shower with balsa wood coloured with the wood grain pen. No glue was used as yet. Next the rounded edges of one Popsicle stick was clipped off, then laid inside the frame,ensure the frame is exactly the width of the stick. Once the top of the frame is the right width for the sticks glue the frame in place. Next more Popsicle sticks were clipped and then painted with the wood grain pen and laid in the frame without glue. Once I filled the space completely, I noticed the Popsicle sticks or ‘planks’ were too low to the floor, so to lift them up slightly I placed unclipped Popsicle sticks within the frame. The Popsicle sticks are half the thickness of the balsa frame so when the trimmed coloured sticks are placed on top, they lay flush with the frame. Now it’s time to pick all the sticks up and glue in place.



As seen above the job is about half way complete.

Once the entire section is done I focused on the spray jets. Plastic googly eyes were spray painted silver and then black dots were added using a Sharpie pen. A shower head and lever from a Gloria playset were spray painted silver also and hot glued in place.







Please excuse the nudity of Lukas who was my test subject in the shower. :)

Next I took note of the length of the shower floor, measured an appropriate height for the shower and went to the hardware store to purchase a sheet of acrylic to use as the shower ‘glass’. With the measurements they cut the piece to size and all I had to do was peel off the protective covering when I got home and put in place.


To fit the glass in and to allow it to be easily removed, I held the acrylic sheet in place and anchored it on the floor and wall with strips of balsa painted with the wood grain pen. Note two strips were use on the wall to secure in place. Be careful not to get glue on the acrylic sheet as it’s useful to be able to slide the sheet out of place to position a doll or take a photo. Once again apologies for the nude Adele doll. :)





Any questions? Feel free to pop me a line.

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Apartment Four in Building Two

Let’s start with the new apartment on the second floor of building two. The top cabinets were separated from the base cabinets using a hack saw. The unit with the fridge was left alone.



The top cabinets were then hot glued to the foam board wall as seen and a foam board base was constructed to elevate the base units and wide enough to push them some distance away from the top pieces, so the dolls heads would not knock against them while washing the dishes etc…

Then the now wider counter space was measured and foam board was cut, making sure to cut out a space for the sink. The remaining counter was then covered with white printer paper and sealed with ModPodge (for a gloss effect and to make somewhat waterproof). Picture of semi finished kitchen can be seen below with lots more counter space and head room above for dolls.

Kenmore Kitchen kit-bashed in Apartment 4

Kenmore Kitchen kit-bashed in Apartment 4

Dollhouse flooring was glued to the floor and dollhouse brick sheets were used as the counter back splash. Not quite sure if the back splash will remain red or whether I will put more above the wall cabinets to continue the flow.

Most of the accessories were from Re-ment with the rest of miniatures, plant and floor rugs from eBay. The blue crock pot set on top the wall cabinets was found in the dollhouse aisle of Hobby Lobby.


In the picture above you can see where the carpet from the living room meets the kitchen tiles. The carpet is the same white felt used in the Poppy living in Apartment two of building one. Hit Single Darla Daley Poppy is seated at a table set from the Barbie Happy Family house. Another picture of the kitchen with Cold Shoulder Eugenia can be seen below.


To the left of the kitchen is the living room.

15798387675_4f1d0edcd4_o (1)


A Magals (no longer in business) furniture set was first used to test out the area. The coffee table is from a My Scene Coffee shop playset and the round woven rug is actually a place mat. Stuffed toy giraffe and elephant were purchases from Hobby Lobby. In this shot the windows have not yet been framed and no ‘glass’ has been installed.

Below you will see the lady of the house, Going Public Eugenia, renamed Mercedes, entertaining a new set of guests….all the rest of Eugenias in my collection (15 total).


Blue poster paper has been glued to the walls and a thin strip of balsa wood painted and added as the frame for the windows.




The door seen above leading to the bedroom was cut out of the foam board to the right and top. The left side was slightly scored so it could act as the ‘hinge’ to allow the door to open and close. The door was then covered with wood grain contact paper and the framed with balsa wood.

Framed pictures on the floor will be put up on the walls shown. They are shots I found on the web of Grenada (frames from Hobby Lobby). The plan is to make many more white framed pictures for this wall, as Mercedes is a photo enthusiast and her apartment will be filled with pictures of islands she has visited.

Going through the door leads us to the bedroom (small peek of bathroom to the right).


The bed was constructed by TnT’s Little things a very nimble carpenter I found in the States years ago. I found it a bit low so hoisted it up with some wooden balls I found at Michael’s craft store. Be sure to check out his Flickr site, he has really neat shots with 1:6 dolls in items he has made, like my pool table.

The bed linen was made by the lady of JATMAN stories  and the blanket knitted by my sister. The vanity is the famous Barbie Silkstone one which I have had for years and exhibits a few signs of age.


The door above is the other side of the door you just saw in the living room. On this side I decided not to use the wood grain contact paper. First I measured out thin cardboard, like what is used to frame pictures, to the size of the door and cut it out. From this a rectangle was cut out of the middle.

Next the piece with the rectangular hole was glued to the foam door. About 1/4 inch was trimmed off the side and top of the rectangular inner piece remaining and then glued in the center of the door as shown above. After the glue sufficiently dried the entire door was painted white and left to dry. A dollhouse door handle was next stuck in place and a balsa wood frame painted white was installed around the door.

Last area in this apartment to see is the bathroom.




The floor is simply a white tile pattern from the web, duplicated four times on a sheet and printed on printer paper. Once glued to the floor, a light coat of Mod Podge was applied to give a slight gloss. The pieces for the bathroom are a mixture of Gloria (toilet and shower) and Barbie playset items (sink and shelf) all hand painted white with Acrylic paint. A final coat of Mod Podge is given of course to give a gloss effect. The pedestal sink was too short for my dolls, so luckily the cap of a can of white spray paint had the same diameter as the base so I hot glued them together before painting.


The original base for the Gloria shower unit was discarded and a sheet of dollhouse white tiles was hot glued to the back.


The Re-ment soap holder and back brush are held in place by Glue Dots, which can be found in craft or stationary stores. This was used as I can easily remove the items and put them back in place with no damage to the tiles. I also use these neat glue dots in the palms of the dolls so they can appear to be holding objects. :)


Behind the neat and tidy bathroom is a small dressing room and closet.




The walls and door for this bathroom are yet to be complete, but I just couldn’t resist adding a few miniatures to get a feel for the space.

The closet shown is the Barbie The Look Wardrobe and the chest of drawers was a craft store jewelry box I repainted.

Feel free to ask any questions here on my blog or on my Facebook page.

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After the IT convention

What a wonderful experience I had at the 2014 IT convention. So much so that when I got back, I played for hours and hours with my new loot and totally forgot to post here on my blog some pictures of redresses etc. So I think it is about time to share with you.

Firstly my carry on case was used only to transport my dolls and camera. No way could I trust the airlines to have these investments tossed back and forth, and I didn’t wanted to run the risk of having them get lost in the bowels of the airline baggage system.

Convention LootDuring the arduous ten hour long wait at Miami International I reshuffled my lovelies from time to time to bask in their beauty. On one of the occasions I got this look…

15506457020_23e3f65bdb_oAdele and Dominique were like: “Don’t you see us stifling in here! Take us out for some air why don’t you?” So of course, I did.

Adele and her watch


This gave me the opportunity to inspect my first official female FR watch which came with Le Smoking Adele (Intrigue Elise came with an identical one). It’s so delicate and beautiful.

First FR female watch


The day after the trek back to the Caribbean, regardless of the jet lag I took some time after work to play with the new arrivals and switch out their clothes:

Sheer Sensuality Vanessa in the Illustrious fashion from the 2014 IT Convention

Sheer Sensuality Vanessa in the Illustrious fashion from the 2014 IT Convention

Illustrious Shoes-Love them! A girl can't have too many red shoes.

Illustrious Shoes-Love them! A girl can’t have too many red shoes. – Shoes made for dancing

Cold Shoulder Eugenia in "Jungle Boogie" Color Fusion 2014 fashion

Cold Shoulder Eugenia in “Jungle Boogie” Color Fusion 2014 fashion – Not quite sure why I got this fashion. Maybe for a costume party?

Grandiose Natalia in "Night Fever" Color Fusion 2014 fashion

Grandiose Natalia in “Night Fever” Color Fusion 2014 fashion – Antique Effect

Tantalizing Dominique in fashion from Gloss Erin

Tantalizing Dominique in fashion from Gloss Erin – My hot mama. If only she had eyes looking straight!

Gloss Erin in Chrome Noir Erin fashion

Gloss Erin in Chrome Noir Erin fashion – She is absolutely cute!

Grandiose Natalia in Evening Siren Ayumi fashion

Grandiose Natalia in Evening Siren Ayumi fashion – Can you tell this Natalia is one of my favorites? Sad her head is a little wonky. 

Adorned Vanessa in Intrigue Elise Fashion

Adorned Vanessa in Intrigue Elise Fashion – She has such lovely hair. Hope I can keep it like that forever. 

Kyka Yung Color Infusion (CF) 2014 doll in Sheer Sensuality fashion. She is one of the two female CF dolls I purchased. The CF doll's big hands and big feet are not my favorites and I don;t collect Jem which has the same body.

Kyka Yung Color Infusion (CF) 2014 doll in Sheer Sensuality fashion. She is one of the two female CF dolls I purchased. The CF doll’s big hands and big feet are not my favorites and I don’t collect Jem which has the same body. This doll was hard to resist with the brilliant eye screening. 

Sheer Sensuality Vanessa in the top from Sensuous Affair Giselle and pants from "Night Fever" Color Infusion 2014 fashion - This Vanessa is breathtaking!!

Sheer Sensuality Vanessa in the top from Sensuous Affair Giselle and pants from “Night Fever” Color Infusion 2014 fashion – This Vanessa is breathtaking!!

Wild Thing Poppy in a Dynamite Girls fashion I got in a grab box (no idea the official name) and Starlight Poppy in Something Cool Isha Fashion I also got in a convention grab box. There are the only Poppys I bought at the convention.

Wild Thing Poppy in a Dynamite Girls fashion I got in a grab box (no idea the official name) and Starlight Poppy in Something Cool Isha Fashion I also got in a convention grab box. There are the only Poppys I bought at the convention.

Intrigue Elise in fashion from Tantalizing Dominique

Intrigue Elise in fashion from Tantalizing Dominique

Cold Shoulder Eugenia in Le Smoking Adele fashion

Cold Shoulder Eugenia in Le Smoking Adele fashion

Evening Siren Ayumi in Starlight Poppy fashion. It's lovely that the Poppy fashions fit the FR2 dolls.

Evening Siren Ayumi in Starlight Poppy fashion. It’s lovely that the Poppy fashions fit the FR2 dolls.

Intimate Reveal Agnes in Monogram outfit I received in convention grab box.

Intimate Reveal Agnes in Monogram outfit I received in convention grab box.

Le Smoking Adele in Purple Reign fashion

Le Smoking Adele in Purple Reign fashion



Bag from POTM club

New Declan Wake testing out the watch I constructed at the convention workshop

New Declan Wake testing out the watch I constructed at the convention workshop

Declan Wake in suit from Turning Heads Pierre. - Smashing isn't he?

Declan Wake in suit from Turning Heads Pierre. – Smashing isn’t he?

Declan closeup - cause he is drop dead handsome.

Declan closeup – cause he is drop dead handsome. – Thanks so much to my table host and friend Kristine!!! Without you Declan would not be mine.

Some more pictures just because…

Evening Siren Ayumi - my new favorite Ayumi.

Evening Siren Ayumi – my new favorite Ayumi.

The girls get put to work straight away in my Yates Modeling Agency Office.

The girls get put to work straight away in my Yates Modeling Agency Office. Wild Thing Poppy waits for her appointment clutching her portfolio very close. Sensuous Giselle fills in as the receptionist for the day, Le Smoking Adele checks the time and Intrigue Elise answers a text. 

Le Smoking Adele closeup - Everyone swooned when her picture came up on the screen at dinner. Only problem was she was held in customs so we had to wait til the next day to receive her.

Le Smoking Adele closeup – Everyone swooned when her picture came up on the screen at dinner. Only problem was she was held in customs so we had to wait til the next day to receive her.

Giselle in office

Giselle in office

Tantalizing Dominique in my recently completed studio apartment kitchen

Tantalizing Dominique in my recently completed studio apartment kitchen

Color Infusion (CF) 2014 Kieron Morel in "Sugar Pie Guy" CF 2014 fashion

Color Infusion (CF) 2014 Kieron Morel in “Sugar Pie Guy” CF 2014 fashion

Things I loved:

  • The obvious…NEW LOOT!!!!! (DOLLS, SHOES, JEWELRY and CLOTHES) Especially the brand new styles of jewelry and ring designs for the dolls.
  • Watches!! Male one I constructed in the workshop. Female ones which came with two dolls.
  • Seeing so many doll collectors in one place, sharing the love.
  • Meeting my table host again for the third year and meeting new friends David and Christopher!!!
  • Table gifts!! Need I say more? Gotta remember to take pictures of those as soon as I receive them next time round. They are being used everywhere in my little world so it’s a bit difficult to gather them all together.
  • Hotel was lovely. A/C unit in room was a bit noisy but husband and I were out shopping most of the time and when we were in the room we were so tired from the day’s events we knocked out like a light.


  • That I missed out on getting the male dolls I wanted at the Color Infusion lab at my prescribed time. If you want first dibs on everything, register the minute the notice goes out, so you receive a number in the line that gets you in an early slot. My line number got me in the second to last slot for the first day of sales. At that time only two males were available and one male fashion. Bummer! Plenty females were there but just a few fashions.
  • More cash is required to purchase items at the Friday night Bazaar than I originally thought. Wow that had a great turnout!! It was the place to get this and that fashion pieces you missed out on years past or even dolls. Also if you didn’t want to do room sales (I’m never doing that again, it eats into my shopping time being stuck in the room), just haul the stuff you want to sell this night and everyone gets a look.
  • Some of my favorite dolls (Declan, Le Smoking, Adorned Vanessa and Dominique) were side glancing rather than looking forward. It’s just my personal pet peeve about doll collecting. Will there be a day we get an option of getting a doll in either a forward glance or side glance? My ultimate plan when the city street is complete is to revive the photo stories I used to post on (old stories still there). In those story lines dolls facing forward are much easier to pose than the alternate.
  • No doll bags. Tired of clutches and not every doll got one.
  • (Regret and Love point in one) Couple dolls had loose necks and loose eye lashes. When I received Tantalizing Dominque she was unbearable. Good thing I am an immediate deboxer, LOL! IT is great for issues like this, so I went downstairs spoke to Alain (he is fabulous to deal with!!) and he swapped her out for a brand new one. My Cold Shoulder Eugenia also had a loose eyelash so I brought her down and he gave me a brand new head!! Isn’t that the best!!! Now I have a spare head to reroot or sell. :):):) I do regret however not seeing Grandiose Natalia’s loose head earlier, cause I would have swapped her too.
  • Only received one set of metal pieces for the watch created in workshop. We got a couple other faces and ‘leather’ watch bands and no extra metal pieces to put them together. What to do with them?
  • I need to put in a day or two after the convention into the trip. The mad rush back is horrendous!

Will I go to the IT convention this year in California? Not quite sure as I have quite a lot of personal commitments this year. If I don’t make it I may consider having a proxy as I can’t bear to miss out on the cool dolls.

Thanks for your patience with this update. Others will soon follow….

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IT Convention 2014 Update

After almost barely missing the registration today, due to a delayed flight I thankfully got in the Toys shop and made a couple purchases.
Cold Shoulder Eugenia × 2 (one for me and one for hubby who is putting it up for sale)


Her jewelry and shoes



Then two grab bags which to my surprise were Minx from the Stingers (with keyboard) and High Brow Adele which came with a Monogram outfit. This had me bouncing with glee as I didn’t have any of these items.




Now the sad news… I was all ready to purchase Natalia and Wild Thing Poppy, but learnt they are still stuck in customs! Same for the Color Infusion dolls! Bummer! An update on their status will be given tonight.
In the meantime I’m going to do a little doll redressing and then get ready for the first dinner.
Another update will follow…

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Off to Convention

My bags are packed and I’m ready to catch the plane to the USA. First hubby and I stop off for a few days in New Orleans and get some of that southern flavour. Then immediately after we head over to Orlando Florida for the 2014 IT doll convention!! Whooohooo! So very excited as I cant wait to see the new dolls and other goodies. To commerate the occasion here are a few pictures of my doll Ianna packing for the trip.




I will try my best to post pictures at the convention. 

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New Curtains and Tag Games

Every once in a while I sit in my “diorama/doll room” and take a look around and spot a few things I keep procrastinating to complete. Last week I spotted the bare window in the Poppy kitchen and decided to get off my behind and stitch up some curtains on the sewing machine and Voila!!


This picture was posted on my and to my amazement everyone’s focus was directed to poor Dana’s behind rather than to the curtains in the window. LOL!

Speaking of Flickr, I’ve noticed lately that quite a few fun tag games have been circulating on this medium and I decided it’s high time I joined in. The first one had the requirement to post your oldest IT doll and your most recently purchased IT doll. Boy did this one really get my mind spinning! I thought of doing a coffin scene for Halloween, where the new found the old sleeping in a coffin. Hehehehe!! Then I thought about the new diving down to rescue the old in my famous bin of dolls….


Then I finally decided on the concept below:


The caption read: “My dear Isha (Something Cool) was my first ever IT doll. As she lies here in her hospital bed she suffers with ailments in the joints, because she still possesses her original body, which I believe is the first poseable IT body. The doctor attending to her is my most recent arrival Eugenia (Touch of Frost).”

Took the whole day to build this diorama. It is made up from various 1/6 army medic stuff I’ve collected over the years. Sadly I can’t put my finger on the names of the actual sets. The bed I made from foam board, balsa wood and wooden dowels plus the cool side bars are from a friend. The patient clothing was made by me and personalized by ironing on the logo for City Circlez Hospital.

Of course I had to take a few more pictures and here they are:



The next tag game was equally as fun…


(click the picture for a better view)

The caption read: “Poor Adele had no idea it was a man standing there with all that long hair. :) Long hair dude-Subject J from Style Lab at IT convention 2012 Embarrassed Short Hair Lady – The Muse Adele”

Basically one had to pick a male doll in their collection with the longest hair and then a female with the shortest. I just had to do a quick skit to throw a bit of humor into it.

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Hair Salon

Well I must admit I have been very undecided as to what the three main businesses on the ground floor of building one would be. No matter what the post office and laundromat were necessary however the third business changed every couple weeks. First it started out as a boutique, then hair salon, then barber, then nail salon then back to hair salon. Considering the occupants of the apartments upstairs and across the street a hair salon seems to be the best option.

I moved the laundromat to the right, kept the post office on the left and put the hair salon in the middle.


Scrapbook paper in the brick pattern was used as the walls. The salon counter and sink (behind screen) were from a very old barbie salon that had pink, purple and other wildly coloured hair extensions etc. The over head hair dryer, accompanying see through chair and customer plastic covers, were from the My Scene hair salon playset. I actually have two of those My Scene salons but not enough room to lay it all out. Maybe one day the present salon owner will have enough cash for an extension or relocation. :)  The two stylists are wearing robes from a Silkstone barbie spa set.

The privacy screen is from a Fashion Fever living room playset and so are the shelves seen around the room.


The waiting area has chairs from an old barbie house.

Behind the screen is the shampoo station. A piece of dollhouse tiling left over from the Poppy bathroom was used as a small back splash to the sink.


The floor throughout is the same contact paper I used in the diner.



A piece of dollhouse wiring was cut and hot glued to this hair dryer. The other end still has the plug attached and its “plugged” into the wall.

A door has to be installed in the back to the “store room” and maybe another shelf on the back wall. Then it’s complete. Quite proud of myself for completing all that you see above in ONE day! :):):)

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