New photo story uploaded and diorama updates

Episode 2 of the Gift Exchange has been posted and looks like the ladies are getting a little  heated over the game.

Gift Exchange 2016 -69

While in the doll room I finally found a solution for privacy on the rooftop patio. Using my Silhouette cutting machine, I cut out a lattice pattern from sheets of cardstock paper. Then each were mounted on to the back of the surrounding wall with balsa wood strips for support.TI5A7903

As explained in a previous post, the picnic table was made by TnT Things on Flickr. The shrubs where bought from several craft shops and the surrounding wall was made with cardboard and brick paper printed from the internet. The tutorial explaining how the wall was constructed can be found on the MyFroggyStuff youtube video on How to Make a Doll Swimming Pool 2 TI5A7915Then over at the home of Zamora and Sayyid, their bathroom was created using the recent Barbie bathroom playsets with a few modifications.


BEFORE (Picture from Amazon, click picture to be transferred to product listing)


BEFORE  (Picture from Amazon, click picture to be transferred to product listing)






It may not be that noticeable in the pictures, but all silver tone fixtures (sink faucet, tub faucet, shower head, towel rack and tub tray) were spray painted with a shiny chrome spray paint. The miniatures beside the sink are a mixture of Barbie minis and Re-ment items.

The walls in the shower were replaced with sheets of dollhouse tiling, and this was also used on the walls. The shower curtain was replaced and a tissue box was made using the same fabric. Dollhouse windows were painted white and inserted into the cardboard walls. Eventually I will frame them with strips of balsa painted white. The toilet orginally came from a Gloria playset and was repainted white. White towels are baby bath rags cut and edges hemmed. The pink mat on the bathroom floor is a piece of craft foam.

Bathroom and NurseryNext addition to the Rultan home was the installation of a wall between the bathroom and the nursery. A shelf was placed on the wall in the nursery to display a few toys.

Nursery additions 2The numbers and letters on the wall to the right are foam stickers. When the baby arrives Zamora will need some support holding him/her for breastfeeding so I made a coordinating “Boppy” pillow, which is seen above the stuffed lamb on the rocking chair.

Boppy PillowThe baby car seat seen in the picture above to the right of the rocking chair used to look like this:

24614531601_40e4291f30_o (1)Then with a piece of gray material and hot glue it was transformed…24079933304_070358df2c_o (1)

24708145185_0f190d8913_o (1)24590437232_7aa478f1c6_o (1)Well back to the doll room to get some photo stories set up. :)

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New Photo Story Update – Gift Exchange

Finally I found some time to post a story which I photographed over the holidays… Gift Exchange. Thankfully the seasons in City Circlez are dictated by me, the author, so Christmas could even fall in May. LOL! Here are a few shots from the first episode:Gift Exchange 2016 Gift Exchange 2016 -food Gift Exchange 2016 -dessertFor those avidly following these stories I would like to thank you for your steadfast loyalty over the past year. In 2015 I devoted time on light hearted stories to ease you in and introduce you to new characters and reacquaint you with the older ones. In 2016 the drama is going to be turned up up up, so hold on to your seats and your handerkerchieves!

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Airplane interior

Many, many years ago a Barbie plane joined my collection of playsets. It came with cool miniatures and a neat trolley, but the plane had only two passenger seats and the interior was rather short in relation to the height of the dolls. See one here at

Recently, I needed to create a realistic interior scene of a plane and so I  took my Silhouette cutting machine to task. I created a four layered wall pattern, which would form the background to the window seats.

Here are the four patterns.


Each piece is half of a sheet of cardstock paper. If you are interested in the Silhouette pattern, email me at The sheets were stacked and glued, from sheet one to four (sheet four bottom, sheet four top). (Silhouette Website)



Side view to see layering effect

Then a piece of clear plastic like from toy packaging was cut and glued behind the window. Behind that you can pick the scenery to stick behind. I choose blue sky and clouds.


Now you have airplane windows!

The chairs are from the Barbie airplane, but I covered the seats with a cream felt material. Extra seats were obtained on eBay as I wanted the plane to have a few rows for passengers.

Maybe I should have painted the seats first before covering with felt, as you can slightly see the pink. A quick fix would be to cover this spot with those disposable head rest covers with the airline logo printed on to it.

20151207_183220-1Each window was pasted on to a pliable piece of cardboard (opened out cereal box) and then rounded forward to give the effect of the curved side of the plane.

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New Poseable Additions to City Circlez

Well I’m on vacation again so what does that mean? Time to play in the doll room!!! :)

Recently I acquired four Made to Move Barbies. Two of the four dolls received new heads. One doll which came dressed in the blue top body received a very light toned African American Fashionista head and one dressed in a pink top  received a Skipper head (dolls in back row below). There is supposed to be a yellow top doll, but she is exclusive to Target and has not been released as yet. Can’t wait!!!

23278786172_81314180ce_oTheir articulation will lend to so many new possibilities for my storylines, I am so excited!!


Then my husband gave me an idea for the next shot:


See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil, Smell no evil? (I added the smell no evil…hehehehehe…)


City Circlez welcomes Meg, Tara, Cassie and Eva. Namaste!

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Translation of Photo stories

As my photo stories have embedded speech balloons, those speaking languages other than English are unable to read the conversations.

So in an effort to make my stories translatable I will now add the conversations in the speech bubbles as captions to each photo. Once you have enabled translation of the web page, these captions will be translated to your preferred language.

For example:


Farrah:”Oh sorry let me move that.”

Photo stories that have been amended will have an asterisk (*) by their title.

Stories that have this new feature are: Shriek! Episode 1 and 2. Other’s will be included over the next couple weeks.

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