Never ending additions

The top floor apartment tenants have moved in and have added some personal touches like finials on the ends of their curtain rods and artwork on walls.


The finials were made by joining a flat disc to a large large ball then to a tiny ball of polymer clay. Then it is baked, left to cool, painted the colour of your rod then attached to the rod with hot glue. Sometimes the glue can be seen so I will touch it up with paint (glue visible in second picture below).



The second floor apartment living room curtain also has finials added to the rods for a more finished look.


Another addition was artwork and floor mats in the top floor apartment kitchen. The floor mats are pieces of felt cut in rectangles.


Felt was also used for the bathroom mats but I glued blue construction paper underneath to give a touch of blue.

As you may notice the bathroom door finally has a door knob. This was made by inserting a paper fastener into an eyelet. Inside the door frame still needs to be sanded as it’s still a bit rough. The pattern on the door is actually a picture off the web resized and glued to the door.

This week my focus moves to the floor of the second floor kitchen.


Also the second floor bathroom and bedroom.




Take care until next time…

Kitchen in Poppy’s Pad


This is the second kitchen I am working on in City Circlez. The main counter and fridge is from Re-ment, and as shown in a previous post, both along with the double oven were hoisted to be functional for a doll the height of Poppy. Remember this?


The styrofoam raising the height for the counter and fridge was covered with black poster paper, which I may paint over grey to soften the tone of the room. There wasn’t enough styrofoam on hand, so I built a box with foam board and hot glue, to lift the double oven unit.

The silver spray painted kitchen faucet was replaced by one from a Barbie kitchen and the oven was purchased from Amazon (search for dollhouse double oven). The two shelves were purchased a long time ago from eBay under dollhouse items and I painted them in white and mounted them with hot glue. Most of the miniatures are Re-ment while the others are from past Barbie kitchen playsets.


Seems like the spray paint didn’t completely cover the pink on the chairs, so back to the spraying box they go. I haven’t decided what will be done to the floor, but I’m definitely not going to use the tiling effect used in the upstairs bathroom. It looks great, but I had nightmares where I was just cutting those one inch square tiles over and over. Lol! A simple printed pattern sealed with Mod Podge will be quite sufficient.

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Accessorizing the first apartment

It’s such a great feeling when you have accomplished a tedious project, and I am proud to say the upstairs apartment is basically completed. A few pictures have to be hung here and there and a hand towel rack needs to be placed in the bathroom, but it’s ready for it’s tenant Ianna to move in.






Ianna wastes no time and invites her friends and niece over to the apartment.






Oh and the quick tip I wanted to share was how to make a shower curtain like the one in this bathroom. Take a retractable pole from an Integrity Toys doll stand, two silver eyelets, sheet of cloth batting and hot glue.
1. Place a doll tub snug between two walls then measure the distance between the walls (call this distance A).
2. Measure the distance you would like the curtain to hang from down to the tub. Ensure that you measure how far down you want the shower curtain to fall down into the tub (call this distance B).
3. Use distance A as the width of the shower curtain plus two inches (extra is for the gathering), and distance B as the length plus one inch (loop to fit pole) and mark onto the batting and cut out the rectangle.
4. Along distance B fold over by about half an inch and seal with hot glue, making a loop to run the retractable pole through.
5. Using the eyelets hot glue each on the opposing walls above the tub making sure they are level (I used a mini level tool to ensure this).
6. Put one end of the pole with the shower curtain into one of the eyelets then pull the retractable side so that it fits into the opposite eyelet.


Here are close-ups of the result:



Instead of tackling the huge feat of creating the back wall running the whole length of this upper apartment, my focus is moving to the lower apartment, diner and other areas in the two buildings needing attention. The lower apartment kitchen got two shelves recently, the wallpaper on the wall with the window was straightened and the window was framed.


Then out of the blue today I decided to change what the area I designated as the clothing boutique to a nail salon on the ground floor. If you remember this space was originally going to be a hair salon, but to be honest the boutique and hair salon need larger spaces, so they will go in another building I plan to add to the city. Here are test shots of the nail salon after digging into bags of beauty products. Need to find all my mini nail polish bottles.





Most of the furniture comes from the Fashion fever era. I don’t plan to repaint anything here, except for the receptionist table in the back, as the colours work for this setting. This week I have to figure out what to do on the walls.

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Bathroom tiling

The upstairs bathroom got some attention today as I focused on the tiling of the walls. The wall over the tub will be finished tomorrow.


The “tiles” are actually photo paper cut into 1″squares using my little guillotine and gluing each tile to scrapbook paper already glued to the wall.


Getting even spaces to appear like grout around each tile was the most tedious task next to cutting tiles for the small spaces. This was the same technique used for the floor which I explained in an earlier post.


Another neat feature I added was the pipe under the sink. That is actually polymer clay. First I rolled a piece into a long log, bent into the shape seen and then baked it for exactly three minutes (any longer and it would burn) in my specially designated toaster oven for clay baking. Then rolled two balls of clay and flattened them into discs and glued one end to the piece of pipe under the sink and the other to the end of pipe attaching to wall. Finally very carefully I took a silver metallic pen to give it a ‘silver’ finish.

What next is to be done you may wonder? Skirting, towel rack installation, maybe a shelf, plumbing features behind the toilet, the list is endless…

My other project today was putting in the side wall to the nearby bedroom and testing out a small window treatment.


Not sure about the mesh for the curtain as it looks a bit flimsy. Still lots more work to be done in this room.

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The upstairs apartment is coming closer and closer to completion. The window treatments (shades) for the kitchen and hallway are in.

Kitchen window treatment

Kitchen window treatment

They were made with cloth and hot glue (I was too lazy to haul out the sewing machine). First the space in the window was measured, then the piece of cloth was cut into a rectangle a little longer than the window with allowance on all four sides for a fold over hem. Then the hem was folded in and glued making sure the smaller rectangle created fits into the window. Then the cloth was folded as seen here and a spot of glue placed to hold the folds on either side (not in the center). Once complete glue the top the shade into the upper area of the window with hot glue.

Hallway window treatment

Hallway window treatment

The shade is not adjustable but can be folded up if needed. Maybe the next shade I create will be operable.

To reward myself for this little project I took some time out to pose the dolls in this new setting:




Girls catching up

Girls catching up

Eugenia having tea

Eugenia having tea


Kitchen passthrough

Kitchen pass through



Ianna preparing tea

Ianna preparing tea

View of Living and Kitchen

View of Living and Kitchen

The wall needs a little straightening, but I am quite happy with how things turned out. Pattern variety in the kitchen is a bit out there, but hey every gal in my city has their own unique sense of style. :) Maybe I can convince the resident (Ianna fixing tea) that the wallpaper needs to be toned down when she can afford it. :)

Pin cushion chair and POM bag

Pin cushion chair and POM bag

I’m still on the fence about placing this chair here. I had to hoist it up with some wooden thing-a-ma-gigs from the craft store and haven’t gotten around to painting them black. Not quite sure if this chair blends in with the decor of the room, but I love it so much and love the cute storage under the seat. The bag is from Purse of the Month club.

View from hallway

View from hallway

Opps the magazine rack got bounced out of place. Anyway this is the view as if you were looking from the bedroom door down the hallway. Not sure if I want to paint the ceiling.

Kitchen passthrough

Kitchen pass through



I’m so proud of this pass through window from the kitchen to the living room. It gives the space a more open feel and a touch of realism for the dolls.

Next I spent some time on the back wall of the diner.

Memorabilia Wall in Diner

Memorabilia Wall in Diner

Combining miniatures I have collected over the years with some 3-D stickers I found at the craft store, I think I have accomplished the look of the decor on the wall in some North American restaurants.  There is still a lot of work to be done in this space but it’s coming along nicely.

Diner progress

Diner progress

Thanks for viewing!!


We’re backkk!

My vacation was great, but every once in a while I missed working on my diorama. Today was my third day back and I spent most of the day in my diorama room (second day was dedicated to the doll room :) ). Here are a few pictures of the upper apartment progress:






Basically I framed the door and windows and pass thru, then put up a few framed pictures I found at Hobby Lobby.

Thanks for your patience.

Diner progress

Finally got two hours to spare today and directed my attention on the Coca Cola Diner. From the previous post you would have seen the windows were cut out, however the exterior of the building was bare and the thumbtacks which secured the wall to the building were exposed. Using spray on adhesive, a cloth with a red brick pattern was glued on to the exterior( with thumbtacks still in wall). The challenge with this cloth was trying to keep the bricks straight across. Anywhere there is a slight deviation I plan to place a prop so it is not too obvious. After the adhesive was left to dry for a while, the holes for the windows were cut out with a slight edge on each side, so they could be folded in and glued onto the other side to give a clean finish.



To fill the windows with “glass” I used transparency paper and printed a graphic of the Coca Cola logo in a .gif format (transparent around letters) in the center then glued the printed transparencies in place. The Final step will be to put in window frames both inside and outside, but I left that for another time. Now here are pictures of the walls in place, you will also notice that the sidewalk has been painted. I think it’s a bit too dark, so will tone it down to a grey colour.