Diner progress

Finally got two hours to spare today and directed my attention on the Coca Cola Diner. From the previous post you would have seen the windows were cut out, however the exterior of the building was bare and the thumbtacks which secured the wall to the building were exposed. Using spray on adhesive, a cloth with a red brick pattern was glued on to the exterior( with thumbtacks still in wall). The challenge with this cloth was trying to keep the bricks straight across. Anywhere there is a slight deviation I plan to place a prop so it is not too obvious. After the adhesive was left to dry for a while, the holes for the windows were cut out with a slight edge on each side, so they could be folded in and glued onto the other side to give a clean finish.



To fill the windows with “glass” I used transparency paper and printed a graphic of the Coca Cola logo in a .gif format (transparent around letters) in the center then glued the printed transparencies in place. The Final step will be to put in window frames both inside and outside, but I left that for another time. Now here are pictures of the walls in place, you will also notice that the sidewalk has been painted. I think it’s a bit too dark, so will tone it down to a grey colour.






Results from a full day

Today I put in a full eight hours of work on my diorama project. First my attention was directed towards the second floor apartment. The floor, columns and ceiling were painted in white and trim and wallpaper added to the kitchen walls.

My model Zilary will pose in the various rooms.



The desk shown in the corner was originally green and today I applied one coat of white paint to get this “pickling” furniture effect. Here’s a close up:

No significant changes shown in the following pictures, except for the bathroom and bedroom separation and my handmade linen for the beds:



My focus then moved to the diner, where I cut out the exterior walls.







My only disappointment is that this diner is quarter the size of my former diner project.


Out with old in with the new…

Photo Update

Here is a quick photo update on the post office, laundromat and third floor bedroom of building one.








In the laundromat, the floor was painted, the walls covered with light green poster paper and the Soap Center machines were mounted. The post office floor was painted and the side wall covered in blue poster paper. The bedroom received a bed constructed of foam board and linen sewn by me. Then the floors were painted like the ground floor but I added a bit more detail by drawing in the planks and nails with a black ink pen. Tomorrow the floors will be painted over with Mod Podge to give a slight glossy finish.

Little details

For the past couple weeks I have worked on detailing the post office and here are the results:




It was great fun creating those small packages and a tedious exercise cutting those small labels and postcards. There are a few pieces still to be fitted in place on the main structure such as the tape dispenser, but I am leaving that for last.
Next area I focused on was the kitchen upstairs the post office.

The kitchen walls got papered with this bright plaid contact paper. Wooden trim is still in the mail on its way to me from the states so that still has to be added, especially around the door way.

In the January 11th post you can see this kitchen raised by layers of styrofoam. Now the styrofoam has been covered with black paper and it has a much cleaner look.


Finally I moved over to the Diner in the next building and created the stands for the booth seating. Some hot glue is visible on the center booth, but that will be hidden when the final trim is added. The table legs still have to be constructed.


See you next time.

Small updates

This weekend I spent my time sewing the booth seats for the corner diner. First I used cardboard (used in picture frames) to create cuboids for the base (6″x4″x1″) with this pattern. Next scored the edges with a utility knife and metal ruler.
Then folded along the edges and taped the flaps together.
For the seat backs I created cuboids (6″x4″x0.5″). The red faux leather was then cut (about 7″x 5″) and wrapped, wrong side up, around a cuboid. Two lines were sewn across the width, about 2″ apart, then the four corners were pinched and sewn in. The material is now ready to be fitted to the cuboid with hot glue after flipping to the right side. Finally the backs were glued to the seats. You may be wondering why no padding was used. Well I made a mock booth and with the proposed height for the tables the padding reduced the space to seat a doll tremendously so felt it best to leave it out. As you can see below the booths still look realistic. Tomorrow I will make the bases (6″x4″x3″) out of cardboard to complete the booths.

(Note the floor below the stools was covered with the same contact paper used in the diner as the original play set had a checker floor which did not match)

Next small task today was placing the labels on the soap dispenser/change machines for the laundromat.


The labels I created on my computer, printed, cut out and glued on. They will be mounted, after I’ve decided what colour to paint the walls in.

Thanks for stopping by!

btw… I’m in the Caribbean where we spell like the British (colour not color) and experience summer all year round. My island is known for its spices, fabulous beaches and warm hearted people. Can you guess where I am?

New year efforts

Well this Christmas I can truly say I got what I wanted, a utility knife, foam board and plenty spray paint. The utility knife was put to use straight away and all the walls for the two apartments have been cut, and the second floor kitchen has been hoisted up a few inches using styrofoam. Next week I will cover the exposed styrofoam with black paper as I did for the kitchen on the top floor. Upstairs the Z shaped bookcase was painted and you see the wall between the kitchen and small living room has been installed.
Here are a few pictures to show my progress on both floors:











Next on the agenda, repaint Poppy’s pink furniture and green desk, apply wallpaper to second apartment walls, apply flooring and make a bed for this couple on the mattress.

I’m off to work on the diner…

Cheers to 2014!!!

Wishing you and yours the very best in this New Year!!! It has been a wonderful holiday season, thank goodness and I was so lucky to receive more material for the diorama project as gifts. My work on the street will continue next week. Thanks so much for all the support in 2013, the project has come a long way and lots more updates are in store.


Little improvements here and there

Elaborated a bit on the bookcase in apartment 1 by adding a third shelf and side pieces to give it a modern flair. The wood pieces were from one of those assorted balsa wood packs, already the correct width and thickness, just requiring a quick cut off the length in my miter box. When I locate some black Chinese lacquer or something similar, it will be painted.


Next I did a quick assembly of the post office. Top pieces will need another coat of white paint as I am still seeing some pink. Also signage will be added here and there. Blue sections are card stock paper folded in the original configuration as the former pieces of cardboard that came in the set (Barbie Post Office Playset). One difference is that I increased the height of each to be the appropriate height for the average 1:6 scale doll. In the background of the last post office picture is the repainted laundromat. Separating wall between the two sections will be one of the final installations.



Last area I tinkered with today was the diner. Checkered adhesive contact paper was used as the flooring.

Two boxes in the front are the table tops for the two booths I plan to build. They are actually old metal CD cases that used to come in the mail for installation of web browsers etc. I painted the sides black and laid the granite adhesive contact paper on the top.
Here is the diner from the side.

And finally a quick sketch on the picture above, illustrating what I have in mind for this side of the diner exterior.


Happy Holidays!!

Furnishing of 1st apartment begins

The third floor apartment is almost complete, so I decided to put in a few furnishings and accessories. The wall separating the kitchen from the sitting room remains, curtains in both windows, mounting of picture frames on wall and placement of a few more knickknacks here and there. Also the kitchen has been rearranged.


Due to limited space in this small but cozy apartment the television was mounted to the ceiling.

Then some work was done in the bathroom behind the wall.

The floor tiles are actually photo paper cut in squares and glued to the floor which got a thin coat of white paint to imitate grout between the tiles.

Then the finished bathroom floor with walls replaced.

A cabinet pull was used as the towel rack. Door frame will be painted white and door still has to be finished. The mirror was bought years ago from a craft store and it was mounted along with the sink using hot glue.