Various updates

First up is the shared Poppy bedroom. Above the two beds are decorative note boards with miniature pictures of the girls adventures displayed. The middle of the wall is a wooden decorative piece I found at a craft store and painted with black acrylic paint.




The side walls will be decorated when I figure out what to put there. :)


Poppy loves the new iPad which I got off of that auction site a while back. I love to keep my dolls supplied with the latest technology.


Found a little side table (Mattel) hanging around and decided to paint it over in a ‘pickled’ style (another coat of paint will be applied to finish it up). The frame and the book below the table is from Mattel, the clock is Re-ment, the book I made and the elephant is actually an incense holder.




I used a shelf like those from the Poppy kitchen for the girls to rest their TV and other knick-knacks (TV, video camera, camera, scarves and hats from Mattel, books from craft store and clock from Re-ment). The hooks below the shelf are paper fasteners I hot glued to shelf and bent upwards.

2014-09-01 21.29.00

The shower fixtures are now installed in the girls bathroom. They came from a Gloria shower playset and were spray painted silver. I really like how it turned out, especially the soap holder. Can you see the little orange soap?

The mirror and lights from the set the sink came with were also put in place.

15090433496_230b7244b4_o 14926832460_679a7aa526_o 14926811320_5c9cd4c93b_o

The supermarket (no longer mini market :)) is coming along slowly. Shelves are stocked, but putting in the finer details are proving tedious. 20140902_191235

There are now pictures on the walls advertising the items available for sale. My male doll here is standing in so I can determine whether the shelves etc are the right height. Seems to me the back wall shelves need to be hoisted a tad. Also notice the checkout lanes have a few extra details here and there.


Candy bars and battery pack are from Mattel, beef jerky is Re-ment and the seed packets from MyFroggyStuff blog.


Above the magazine rack I decided to put in another shelf. I found there must be an area specially designated to household cleaning supplies and personal items. The shelves are not fully stocked as yet and some labels need to be changed.



Fellow 1/6th dioramists do you own a Kenmore kitchen or a similar knock off like the one above? If so, don’t you think it restricts the dolls from using the counter, sink or stove properly? Well I do!

I am tired of having the doll’s head rest on the upper cupboards, so I decided to take a hack saw and cut them right off! I am tickled pink with excitement over this project!! The sawing went pretty smooth and now I can create more counter space and push the cupboards back a bit, then of course re-paint everything! Note the whole middle piece was removed expect for the one above the stove as there is a battery pack behind which allows the stove and oven to light up.

One day I will do the same for my two Kenmore kitchens and correct this small but annoying flaw in the construction. Oh by the way this kitchen is for the third apartment in the building opposite the one I have been working on.

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Mini Market Update

Shelves have been stocked and the finer details are being added. This is what the mini market looks like at present:


Meat counter has been stocked with a variety of polymer clay and Re-ment items. Polymer clay is quite easy to work with. I have collected quite a few books giving tutorials over the years. The slab of meat and pieces on the tray to right on the bottom shelf, the meat in the middle also on the bottom shelf and the various sausages hanging were all made by me. I plan to make a few more hanging items and maybe a poultry item to add to the display.


The checkout lanes as you will see below have been outfitted with holders (bent paper clips attached to unit with hot glue) for the shopping bags. The funny writing on the bags will be wiped off with nail polish remover at a later date.



There is a holder which has several bags attached below and then a holder above to hold a single bag for packing as items are checked out.



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Diner is open and Poppy Bathroom gets some additions

Finally the diner opened for business and customers flooded in…14825682543_592fe83805_o





Waitresses like Cara below were hired, but the owner is still looking for a soda jerk.

2014-08-02 11.41.23



Then the Poppy bathroom got shower rings, a sink and a shelf. Still needs a mirror, mats for the floor, shower fixtures, shower drain, wall skirting and plumbing below sink.


Closeup of Toothbrushes, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and gargle cup.


Seems like the Poppy’s really like mushrooms as they have mushroom themed items on display in the kitchen also. :)

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Poppy Bedroom & En suite

My Poppy bedroom finally got wallpaper!! Basically a graphic I found and duplicated it over and over on 11″ x 17″ paper, printed then glued to the walls. 20140725_170605 20140725_170709 Door to the right leads to the bathroom, and door to its right leads to living room. 14603494738_b4b5c4e95c_oDollhouse tiles are used on the walls and also cut and fit around the shower base made from foam board. Looking at the picture now I will have to replace the toilet or raise it a tad. Just seems a bit too short.

Toilet brush with holder and package of toilet paper rolls are Re-ment. Dana’s towel is a white baby rag cut to size as seen above and sealed on edges with Elmer’s glue to stop fraying. Shower curtain is a piece of material. Will be taking it off and attaching to rod with silver jump rings instead for a more realistic look. Wallpaper is the same print out from the bedroom.

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Frames for Coca Cola diner

Two centimeter wide strips of poster board were cut and sealed with Mod Podge then glued around the windows and doors. Then as there was quite a bit remaining I used it around the booths to give them a finished look and one strip for the side wall.



Back wall strip…



The back wall for the diner was cut with a door to the “kitchen”. Then I found this shelving unit I used in my previous diorama and elevated it with two wooden blocks painted red. The blocks will be covered with the same black poster board used for the frames. Note the rectangular holes behind the shelf where the food orders are placed from the kitchen.


Finally a public phone was installed.


Can’t wait to pull out the miniatures to accessorize this space. :)

Mittens for the kitchens

My daughter and I follow a lovely kids Youtube show called “My Froggy Stuff” and to add to the realism of these apartment kitchens we decided to make some oven mittens.



I couldn’t resist and decided to use the same material for an apron for my Darla Daley.


On the site they give instructions on how to sew them by hand, but I decided to use my sewing machine. Here is the link to How to Make Doll Oven Mittens.

Here are a few tips:

1. If you want both male and female dolls to use the mittens, use a male doll hand for the template. I used the hand of one of my Hommes (male Fashion Royalty doll) as some of them are cooks too. :)



2. Make the opening at bottom a bit wide as even after you make the template from the male hand it’s difficult to get the hand in due to the thumbs of the dolls.

3. Sew a little yarn loop to the corners so you can hang them in your kitchen somewhere instead of stuffing into a drawer. Instead of a basic piece of yarn I did about 8 crochet chain stitches with the yarn and then attached to the mitten with an embroidery needle.

20140728_132416Which brings me to another update. The floor of the Poppy kitchen got some tiles in a wood grain pattern. It was sheer luck when I found these self-adhesive stickers. They are from the Fashion Fever (FF) diorama box sets from years ago.


These stickers could be put on then pulled off the FF floor sets. If anyone remembers them these floors were pink. I didn’t have the patience then to place each one of these stickers in a square so just decided to use the floors as is or simply spray paint the floors. Long story short, the stickers have come in handy here were they were glued to the floor using Elmer’s school glue. My Poppy pad is almost complete.





Small details in a 1:6 scale dinner

Ianna had more company over and prepared a nice meal.



And of course dessert to follow after.


In the past I have created many scenes with food, but this time I went a step further and wrapped the cutlery in a tiny square of tissue paper then secured with a small slip of tape in the back.


Then made a stack of napkins for the side, but it was a bit windy that day so I made a little napkin holder. To make of your own take a paper fastener and hot glue it to a button and voila!



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Exterior improvements

Outside the diner plastic ivy vines were hot glued onto the brick wall. I plan to put some more when I finally find some more in that leaf size. Here I have a few dolls testing out the corner.




Next door I added a blue poster board outside the mini market and placed a couple toparies to see how they fit in the space. A sign still has to be made and maybe a possible awning over the door.



As you can see inside the mini market is an absolute mess. It’s all in the name of getting the deli counters organized as shown below.


Lots of items to be added, or made like the cheeses and meats out of polymer clay. Fun fun fun! Most of the miniatures here are from Re-ment and the scale to the left is from a Barbie pediatrician clinic set.

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Never ending additions

The top floor apartment tenants have moved in and have added some personal touches like finials on the ends of their curtain rods and artwork on walls.


The finials were made by joining a flat disc to a large large ball then to a tiny ball of polymer clay. Then it is baked, left to cool, painted the colour of your rod then attached to the rod with hot glue. Sometimes the glue can be seen so I will touch it up with paint (glue visible in second picture below).



The second floor apartment living room curtain also has finials added to the rods for a more finished look.


Another addition was artwork and floor mats in the top floor apartment kitchen. The floor mats are pieces of felt cut in rectangles.


Felt was also used for the bathroom mats but I glued blue construction paper underneath to give a touch of blue.

As you may notice the bathroom door finally has a door knob. This was made by inserting a paper fastener into an eyelet. Inside the door frame still needs to be sanded as it’s still a bit rough. The pattern on the door is actually a picture off the web resized and glued to the door.

This week my focus moves to the floor of the second floor kitchen.


Also the second floor bathroom and bedroom.




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