A Photo Sleeve



1. Copy image and paste into Microsoft word or any other word processing program.

2. Double click on image and go to SIZE tab on the window that appears.

3. Uncheck the "Lock aspect ratio" choice and enter  2.02"  for the height and 1.5" for the width, then press OK.



4. Copy as many images as you like on the paper.

5. Print using BEST setting using regular letter size paper and cut out image to get this:


6. Fold along the dotted lines shown below:


7. Cut along solid lines shown by each tab on side:


8. Turn over and apply a small amount of glue to the areas indicated:


9. Fold over:


10. Then you are ready to insert the pictures:

11. Make each LANDSCAPE picture a height of .57" and width .75" and PORTRAIT pictures

.75" in height and .57" in width. (I print my pictures on photo paper)


And you are all finished:







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