The new novel by Cassandra Lane in case you

wanted a copy.



1. Copy this image into Microsoft word or any word processing program

2. Double click the image and go to the SIZE tab in the window that appears.


3.Uncheck the "Lock aspect ratio" choice, then enter 1" for height and 1.72" for width. Then press OK to come out of that window.

4. Copy the image as many times as you wish on the page to make more than one copy of the novel

5.  Print with BEST setting preferably on photo paper.

6.Cut out the covers.

7. Fold along edges of spine.

8. To give the appearance of pages inside, cut  a few pieces of foam board, cardboard, or balsa wood to .6875" (11/16") wide by  .9375" (15/16")  long.

9. Stack and glue enough pieces so you get a block of 1/4" thickness.



10. Open out the book cover so the cover is facing down. Place glue along the spine and back cover.

11. Insert the block of "pages" and close book cover. Hold for a few minutes.



Then you've got your novel:




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