Sewn Outfits

These are outfits I made to add some spice to my city,

and also create more jobs for some. LOL!

A special thanks to GenieLinda of Vinyl Edge, who shared with me some invaluable advice on how to get started sewing for dolls.



Hospital Gowns for the City Circlez Hospital (one size fits all). GenieLinda of found the pattern online and voila!! I sewed a couple then added logos etc with iron on transfer paper.


Logo of Hospital:


Rear (no indecent exposures please).






Uniform for Waitresses at Jammin Javas Coffee Shop and Internet Cafe:


Closer look:


Aprons with two pockets (hard to see now)




Uniform for Club Andromeda:


Midriff version for waitresses:



Basic T-shirts for others:



Coca Cola Diner Soda Jerk (needs his tools in the pockets):



Coca Cola Diner Chef Uniform:



Can't forget the hairnet:



Group Picture of Chef and Soda Jerk with the Mattel waitresses:



Ok this is not an outfit, but it was my first attempt at a bed set with matching curtains (dust ruffle has been raised):


Oh so soft....


White flat sheets:



UPS guy dressed for the tropics:



School Uniform to be mass produced for the prep and high school students. (Let's just say I have LOTS more of these to make):



Trying my hand at a sheath dress:


And lastly, until I knit enough outfits to fill a page, my first creation will shown here.

A Kelly sized sweater:




More coming soon...


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