Its Spring at Circlez University, and Gabs is babysitting the Wright girls. Cartoons are on and they're just chilling.


Jacklyn:    My gosh Summer, you don't comb your hair? So many knots in here. I should get paid for this.


SUMMER: Well I don't have any money to pay you, so you better stop now.


GABS: Ha ha ha, Jacklyn your sister is always a barrel of laughs. Good one Summer!






DIANE: There's only Sprite in the fridge Gabrielle and some mouldy cheese.

What happen you and Christopher haven't gone to the supermarket in weeks or something?









GABS: I'll have you know, Miss Diane, we're college students we don't have money to go shopping to fill our fridge every week.

You have it good I am sure with your mother being an accountant and your father being a doctor.


JACKLYN: Tell me about it, she has them wrapped around her little finger.


SUMMER: Take it easy Jackie you are not exactly living a life like a pauper either. Wasn't that a new school bag I saw you with this week?





SUMMER: Ouch, take it easy!


JACKLYN: Well you should watch your mouth, after all I have you by the hair! Stop monitoring what I do and taking up for Diane. I lost my bag on a hike last week. So there!






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