Random Shots



Some shots of the gals



Front row with one Dressmaker's Details fashion (far left) and the rest Randall Craig with added accesories.


RC shirt and bag, Mattel skirt, Jewelry from eBay, shoes FR









RC fashion and bag, jewelry from eBay




RC Fashion & poodle










Mattel fashion, La Boutique bag






RC, jewelry from eBay








RC hat, Mattel top, belt and scarf, pants by me, FR bag and shoes.






RC shirt, skirt and belt. FR bag and shoes, jewelry from eBay







Mattel earrings, bag and shoes. Dress by me. FR belt and sunglasses. Bracelet eBay.











"Finally the camera has found me here way in the back!"



"Sorry dear no full shots for you, I ain't moving!"


"Yes darling, we ain't moving. Besides where is the belt and shoes for the outfit? You're incomplete."


"Of all the nerve!!"

Lady in yellow beside her: "Move over I think the camera is coming to me next."

"Fat chance! I ain't moving either!"
















"Of course they couldn't forget me all the way in the back corner. I am simply fab-u-lous!"



Top shelf of glamour girls.



"How could you take shots of us when we have on no jewelry? I feel simply naked!"



"Tough luck sister, I got me this fab RC necklace and I am working it!!"



"I think my hair is gone astray."


"Yes, yes, yes, I am all ready. Strike a pose!"



"Now do you really think these earrings go with this outfit?"


"I think not! I'm a diamonds girl so hand them over!!"


"Listen girls, you got just to just know hot to smoke up the camera. With or without jewelry."


"I know I look fine"


"Alright, alright. I'm ready for my close up."


"It is simply hot around here. How could they stand around in all these sweltering gowns?"


Lingerie girl: "I think you are just jealous Hershey was too lazy to put you in a gown too."

Pink checker: "They look like movie stars. When is it my turn?"


"I'm never taking this dress off. I want to be buried in it"




"Isn't my hair amazing? MUAH!"


"I feel I can fly!"


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