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La Boutique Around the World Entry:


My island home, my tiny tri- island state, my sovereign nation of Grenada, my beautiful Isle of Spice. This tiny natural, virgin country, that many envy; the rich flora and fauna that many would like to steal away; the sweet aroma of its cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, cocoa; the simplicity, candor and warmth of my island people that leaves a lasting impression on the visitors, and makes for cheerful easy living.  I traverse your hilly slopes, I lay in the sun on your sandy beaches, I long for nothing more than a sip from one of your juicy coconuts to quench the thirst on my parched lips; or a taste of your delicious spicy seafood. Grenada oh Grenada, what is your contribution to the world? An invitation to see life at its harmonious best, among people of different cultures, different religions, different nationalities, different aspirations living the exemplary life. A picture postcard view of life at its best.








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