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Renovated Coca Cola Diner

NB. More pictures of the renovation will be posted soon, as it is not completely finished.


Side view of my Soda Jerk. His full outfit was sewn and accessorized by me.



Front view of Soda Jerk with waitresses. (He needs his pockets filled)


Santa just had to stop by and get in the picture. (This is an early picture of diner before the cashier counter was installed on the left and rest of pictures were mounted on the wall).

Also can you spot someone in the kitchen?


Diner now with cashier counter. Notice working door.


Soda Jerk speaking to customer. (Notice he now has his tools in his pocket)


Close-up of Coca Cola diner bill, plate and coaster. (Coaster was a gift from GenieLinda of Vinyl Edge)


Waitress ringing up a bill.


Waitress taking an order. (Window views have not been inserted as yet)


Looks like an order is ready from the kitchen.. (Kitchen construction is still in progress)


Booths made of cardboard and vinyl.


This is other window area which needs a background inserted. I have designated this area the Kiddy corner, with kids height counter space and jukebox.


View of eating area.


View of main counter and cashier and take away corner.


Looks like Sally Aberdeen is the Employee of the month.


Another view:


Soda Jerk's work area:


And his Freezer installed under counter. Filled with fresh chopped fruits, ice for smoothies and various flavours of ice-cream:


To the side of the cashier is the take away items for sale and the coffee area.


View of cashier counter from the kitchen (still under construction).


Aerial view of front counter:


Another view:




Tips seem to be low today:


Full view:


This picture was my inspiration to build the booths for the diner. It came from a Generation Girls Magazine:


More pictures of the Coca Cola Diner  since completed:



Views of the back kitchen with the owner and chef:



Yes I know I forgot the door:




Group Pic





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