"Morning Circlez Island.

Yes we are experiencing some record breaking temperatures. Just about the entire island will be below average for the next 3 weeks due to a large cold front coming from the north."



"We have never been in the sixties here in the Caribbean, so I suggest you bundle up and put away those flip flops and swimsuits.

Over in the West 62 in Wavers Leap, 65 in Bamboo Village, 64 in Tellis Valley, 60 in Orange Grove and 62 in Summit Town."



"Here in the east you'll feel temperatures of 62 in Sans Souci, 60 in City Circlez, 64 in Willows Peak, 61 in Peters Town, 60 in Petit Anse, 63 in Lavender Village and 60 again in West Lane.

These temperatures could drop during the day so be prepared."



"You can expect to have rain in Bamboo Village, Wavers Leap and Orange Grove. Partly cloudy over Summit Town and winds

of up to 25mph in Tellis Valley.



"More over to the east there are some strong winds and rain which may cause delays.  Rain in Thompson Forest, Willows Peak, Lavender Village and West Lane. Wind gusts will go up to 40mph in areas such as City Circlez, Sans Souci and Peters Town. "



"Then partly cloudy over Lowly Mountains. It's wet and windy weather island-wide this Christmas."





"That's it from CZBS Weather Center, Happy Holidays to you and yours.

 Back to you Douglas."


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