The Cliques of Cresent Heights

Their clique name says it all for their personality.....




Prim & Proper

Back Left-Right: Natalia Drake, Genevieve Grant

Front Left-Right: Celeste Turner-Hever, Devannia Richardson









Natalia Drake (Hot Property Natalia) – Jewelry Designer and one of the richest persons in City Circlez


Genevieve Grant (Brilliance Adele) – Newly hired Vice President of Yates (Y) Modeling Agency. Married to Lawyer Darius Sten for the past 5 years. Sisters Jada, Adele& Sasha


Celeste (Turner) Hever (Overachiever Eugenia) –Advertising exec. , Mother is Victoria Turner, Oldest Sister to Mona, Mercedes and Fabiola.

Devannia Richardson (Vanessa Pale Fire) – Chief Fashion Editor for Synergy Magazine






Disturb & Destroy

Back Left-Right: Jordan Lee, Serena Black

Front Left-Right: Kyori Yutso, Naomi Drake










Lana Lee (Bionica Jordan) – Y Model


Serena Black (Addicted Luchia) – Chief Editor for Zazzle (Gossip) Magazine


Kyori Yutso (Dark Narcissus Kyori) – Model and owner of Kyori (K) Modeling Agency


Naomi Drake (Shapeshifter Natalia Fatale) Older Sister Natalia Drake






Back Left-Right: Mercedes Turner, Veronica Grande

Front Left-Right: Aurela Razzi, Kyola Serras










Mercedes Turner (W Club 2009 Going Public Eugenia) – Actress/Model. Soap Opera star. Mother is Victoria Turner, Youngest Sister to Celeste, Mona and Fabiola.

Veronica Grande (In Bloom Vanessa) – Marketing Director for Synergy Magazine

Aurela Razzi (Paparazzi Adele) – Singer/Actress

Kyola Serras (Bueno Sera Kyori) – Employee at Yates Modeling Agency






Never Say Never

Back Left-Right: Fabiola Turner, Lana Wynter, Leticia Hollen

Front: Sydney Tide












Fabiola Turner (Most Desired Eugenia) – Cellist, Mother Victoria Turner, Third oldest Sister to Celeste, Mona and Mercedes

Cerie Wynter (Gold Stroke Adele) – Chemist and Owner of Wild Cosmetics

Leticia Hollen (W Club 2009 Bewitching Hour Luchia) – Booking Agent at K Modeling Agency

Sydney Tide (High Tide Vanessa) – Soap Opera star/Model






Determined Divas

Back Left-Right: Zilary LaRue, Mona Turner

Front: Ella Stroder, Bethany Child






Zilary LaRue (Convention 2008 Back to Black Natalia) – Cousin to Zamora and Viola LaRue. She is a world famous Y model and actress.

Layla Stroder (Hard Rock Cafι Barbie head on FR body)– Clothing Designer

Bethany Child (W Club 2009 Cruise Control Vanessa) - Y Model

Mona Turner (W Club 2009 Deconstruction Sight Eugenia) – Famous Hairstylist /Cosmetologist, Second oldest Sister to Celeste, Fabiola and Mercedes






Back Left-Right: Michelle Maven

Front: Nola Wahl, Luchia Glimer, Yuri Silver









Nola Wahl (Convention 2008 The Muse Adele) – Y Model

Michelle Maven (Metal Maven Vanessa) – K Model

Luchia Glimer (Glimmer Luchia) – Gossip columnist and Style Critic for Zazzle Magazine. She constantly critics everyone in the fashion industry and she also has something out for Yates Modeling Agency. She reports directly to Serena Black

Yuri Silver (Quick Silver Kyori) – K Model







Back Left-Right: Adele Grant Bianca Gibbons

Front: Frederica Bellan, Eva Caprisse












Bianca Gibbons (Rare Find Isha) – Artist


Frederica Bellan (Femme Du Monde Natalia) – Photographer

Adele Grant (Style Renaissance Adele 2) - Assistant to Kyori of K Modeling Agency, Sister-in-law to Genevieve Grant.     

Eva Caprisse (Capricious Natalia) –Personal Assistant to Zilary LaRue








Back Left-Right: Katherine Capton, Victoria Icon

Front: Mirielle Lander, Miranda Lander









Katherine Capton (Convention 2008 Hopelessly Captivating Luchia) - Clothing Designer


     Victoria Icon (Iconic Lana Turner) - Talk Show Host/ Entertainment News Announcer

Miranda Lander (The Jazz Age Josephine Baker) - Singer

Mirielle Lander (La Folie de Jour Josephine Baker) – Actress







Fierce Felines

Back Left-Right: Samantha Lange, Sasha Grant

Front: Antonia Banur, Lenora Fatal












Sasha Grant (Style Renaissance Adele 1 -repaint) – Model Trainer & Recruiting Agent for Yates Modeling Agency, Sister-in-law to Genevieve Grant.

Antonia Banur (Urban Antoinette Adele) – Assistant to Ella Stroder

Lenora Fatal (Natalia Fatale) – Model

Samantha Lange (Graphic Language Adele) -  Model










Simple & Smart

Back Left-Right: Sienna Latte, Ayumi Lo, Raquel Sten

Front: Alisa Lo, Madison Tramer











Raquel Sten (Nuface Colette Lost Angel) – Personal Assistant at for Genevieve Grant

Sienna Latte (Painted Black Collette) -  Jammin Java Waitress

Alisa Lo (Nuface Ayumi London by Night)- Waitress

Madison Tramer (Style Mandra Eden) - Employee at Bates Advertising

Ayumi Lo (Miracle Child Ayumi) – Jammin Java Waitress








Back Left-Right: Katherine Capton, Victoria Icon

Front: Mirielle Lander, Miranda Lander











Nadja Wahl (Urban Outfitting Nadja) – Model

Val Criste (Painted Black Erin) – Model

Celine Newter (Old is New Giselle) - Model

Erin Ferry (Pretty Calculated Erin) – Model

Colette Noter (Grand Entrance Collette) – Model








The Mastermind












Agnes Lenover (Optic Verve Agnes Gift Set) –Ruthless Woman, Only friend is Takeo who she hires once in a while. She causes trouble for everyone.




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