2007 Storylines



Gabrielle's Past

Sabrina's Evening

Aurelia's New Friend

Terrence cooks

Disheartened Viola

What's up with Sade?

Tipsy Graham

That Night

Early Next morning

Moving in

Going out

First Meeting

The Meeting continues


City Circlez Hospital Staff Lounge

Zamora leaves

At Viola's

Sabrina prepares for her dinner party

At the Majestic

Sabrina's dinner party

Sabrina's Day Off

Breakfast with Autumn

Zamora's visit

Close friends and a movie

Sayyid's Apology


Zamora's Date with Stefan

Old Friends

CC Construction on the job

Road Trip

First Site of Road Trip

Sneaking Away

Viola and Graham Chat

Opening Day

Archaeological Business

The LaRues at the Cafe

After the Road Trip

Being Honest


Godmother Zamora

Gabrielle's Engagement Party

Gabrielle's Engagement Party Cont'd

Saturday at the diner

Saturday at the diner cont'd

Saturday at the diner finale

Chat with the Curators

Home with the cold

Meeting with Felicia Yates

Planning a Wedding

Discussions in the diner

Gabrielle at the Bridal Store

Dance Lessons

Lisa Takes Flight  (Story taken from the website Logan's Leopards)

Packing Phase I (Story taken from the website Vinyl Edge)

The Bridal Shower

Lunch Plans Phase 2 (Story taken from the website Vinyl Edge)

The Train Depot (Story taken from the website Vinyl Edge)

The Layover (Story taken from the website Vinyl Edge)

At Vinyl Edge Office

V.E. Visitors at the diner

V.E. Visitors arrive at office

CC National Bank

CC National Bank Robbery

Robbery News

Before the concert...

The Concert begins

Concert Finale

Wedding Day

Wedding Day continues

Wedding Photo Session

Wedding Reception






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